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Individual Pieces

The following individual pieces are currently available for purchase. FreshStation Shipping and handling is $9.95 per unit. Shipping and handling for all other individual products is $7.99 for the first unit purchased and each additional unit is only $1 s/h.

VacuWare FreshStation

Your FreshStation is an innovative device that eliminates the labor and guesswork in vacuum sealing your food! Your FreshStation removes the air from your FreshContainer, locks in the freshness, and lets you know when the process is complete!

VacuWare FreshPump

Your VacuWare FreshPump is the perfect device for the person on the go! For locations as close as work and remote as the deep woods of your favorite campsite, your FreshPump will let you achieve freshness for your food with every seal! Why should you sacrifice freshness just because you don't have an electrical outlet handy? With your FreshPump, you don't have to!

VacuWare FreshJarLid

The FreshJarLid is an innovative addition to the concept of vacuum sealing. The FreshJarLid allows you to transform nearly any jar into a vacuum sealing container! Remember when you opened that jar of sauce for the first time and heard the ?pop? that told you the contents were fresh? Experience that same freshness time and time again with our tell-tale ?whoosh?!

Pays For Itself Over And Over Again = Free To Own!


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