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FreshJarLids Kit

» An innovative addition to the concept of vacuum sealing.
» Preserves jarred foods three to five times longer.
» Achieve grocery store freshness every time you seal and reseal.
» Hear the “whoosh” that tells you the contents are fresh every time you open your jar.

» Transforms nearly every jar into a vacuum sealing container.
» Fits over 90% of grocery store jars.
» Seals and reseals in seconds!
» Keeps jars in the door of your refrigerator where they belong.

Mobility and Convenience:
» Take your FreshPump anywhere you take your food!
» Have fast, fresh food without fast food restaurants.
» Seals without outlets, cords, or attachments.

Smart Engineering:
» Your VacuWare FreshPump gives you a perfect seal anytime, anywhere.

» 90-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
» Two Year Limited Warranty.
VacuWare FreshJarLids Kit
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Only $29.99
$4.99 S/H

Download Product Insert/Instructions

1- FreshPump
L 3.15 xW 1.54 x H 6.5
5- FreshJarLids
Circ: 3.41 x H 0.68

VacuWare FreshJarLids Kit


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